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Corsair Marine has been building the world's best trailerable sailing trimarans since 1985 and now has over 2,000 sailing waters all over the world. Large fleets can be found in most states of the US with big numbers of boats all over Europe, Australia and Asia. They are, without a doubt, the most popular trailerable trimarans that exist today.

Welcome to the Corsair Owner’s Community! 

We’re a new social community for Corsair boat owners, racers, travelers and water fanatics. We come together to share our latest experiences and knowledge with like minded people. 

Authentic travel stories are written and submitted everyday by Corsair owners, friends and family, with pictures and sometimes video. We’d love to hear about your last cruising adventure in Nantucket, or a passage you’ve made from Bermuda to St. Martin! 

We post daily news on events and regattas. Recaps of the latest regatta are shared with great enthusiasm! If you’re new to sailing, we also post educational information to point you in the right direction.

Have a technical question about your Corsair, this is the place. We are a source where you can ask the Corsair Marine experts or owners questions like, “where do the reefing and cunning lines go after leaving the underside of the boom mast end?”, or  “I am a fairly new Corsair sailboat owner and am struggling with tying the knot for the daggerboard up line, any ideas?” Owners are eager to help answer questions based on their experience and the dealers are readily available as well. 

Our community of owners, friends and followers is growing globally.
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Corsair Marine currently manufacturers the DASH 750 MK II, the DASH 750 (24'), the SPRINT 750 MK II (24'), the C28s, the C31s, and last but not least, the C37s. The trimarans are available in a number of different configurations. 

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