Planing with Friends!

We are planing in about 20 kts of wind. Everyone is as far aft as possible to keep the bow up, but still the transom is a bit out of the water. Monica is playing the jib, Bill (red jacket) is trimming the spin (our spin sheet goes through two auto-ratchet blocks and then once around the cabin-top winch), and Evan is calling the layline and traffic for the coming gybe. - with Ross Stein, Monica, Evan Freedman, and William Pace in Berkley, California, USA Read More »
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Multihulls vs. Monohulls: Advantages

Ever wonder what the advantages of a multihull sailboat are over a monohull sailboat? As a beginning sailor myself, I have! I ran across this awesome article from West Coast Multihulls (San Diego, California, USA) that explains the advantages a multihull sailboat provides in relation to Level of Sailing, Speed/Sailing Performance, Safety/Unsinkability, Flipping Over, Motoring Performance/Maneuverability, Crew/Living Space, and Shallow Draft/Beachability. I hope you enjoy! MULTIHULL VS MONOHULL:... Read More »
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Summer Sailing and Dreams

It's always been a dream of mine to sail to different parts of the world, and live on a boat for a part of my life. I have 'met' some terrific people on here who have the kahunas to quit a practical life and go for it -- living a life at sea. Their stories have woken me up, and rekindled the desire to go out and make it happen. When I read about their adventures, it always makes my heart ache as if I need to fulfill the dream. I've always lived inland, and the largest body of water I was near,... Read More »
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The DASH MK II is unveiled at the Dusseldorf Boat Show

The anticipation was high for the unveiling of the Dash MK II at the Dusseldorf Boat Show in January 2013. The finish on the new Dash MK II is superb to its predecessor and is currently the best quality boat we have to offer. The new boat made it's mark to the very discerning European boat show attendees and before we knew it, the show was buzzing with talk about our newest addition. Read more about the boat's premier at the Dusseldorf Boat Show here! READ MORE >> Visit our Events page for more... Read More »
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The Baja Ha-Ha

If you’re new to the Baja Ha-Ha cruisers rally (from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas), you probably have a boatload of questions about it. We hope the following list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) will give you the answers you've been looking for! Q1) When is the Baja Ha-Ha? A1) The event begins every year at the end of October. The 2013 dates are October 27-November 9. Q2) How long has the Baja Ha-Ha been running, and how many boats have done it? A2) 2013’s event will be the 20th (the first... Read More »
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Corsair 24: Multiplying on the Bay

We came across this awesome article written by Meredith Powlison from the January/February 2013 issue of Sailing World and thought you would find it interesting: All the hoopla surrounding the 34th America's Cup has San Francisco Bay's multihull community electrified. Rafi Yahalom’s new Corsair Sprint 750 accelerates around the first windward mark with a sizeable lead. The starboard ama of Lookin’ Good flys over the water as the crew eases the sails. Yahalom turns down to a reach; we hoist the... Read More »
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A beautiful day on San Francisco Bay

Here is a great resource for sailing on San Francisco Bay. TIde and current information is a must. Resources like sailing schools, yacht clubs, sailing forums, marine classifieds, crew lists and much more. This post was contributed by Corsair 24 Fleet Captain, Ross Stein. He has many other great post on NorCal 24- Facebook You can always tell when a Corsair 24 is going flat out: Even though the crew is well aft, the transom and main hull are rising off the water, but the leeward ama is... Read More »
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This is a pro photo from the 2009 Vallejo finish, and we are double-slotting with the screach in about 15 kts of breeze, cracked off about 10-15° from a beat. The crew is where they belong (all the way out and aft), there is slight weather helm (which is what you want), the wake is flat, the leeward ama is as deep as you want to submerse it without bad things happening, and Carlo Passalapi has his hand on the screach sheet (never cleat it in breeze). But this is the view you never get of your... Read More »
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The Silver Rudder

The Silver Rudder – ironman of the sea - is an annual single hand regatta, which takes place 20th september 2013 in Funen (Fyn), Denmark. 143 Nautical miles. CONGRADULATIONS to Martin Moller who has completed and won the the event on a Corsair Dash MKII , Sven Moller no relation took out 2nd place on a Corsair Dash MkI ,Hull no 001. Fantastic effort from the boys. Martin Moller Read More »
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Sailing Memories

We love sailing around in our Corsair Sprint 750 MK II! Our girls love to set up a boom tent and spend time in the shade it provides. So many good memories on this boat... from our kids jumping off the stern to family beach barbecues! This boat is awesome and the memories we’ve made with it are priceless! Thanks, Corsair! The Van Dongen Family Read More »
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Bonheur a huit sur blanc - Happy eight on white

We have so many special memories on out Corsair 37RS! It's a fantastic boat for family cruising. We enjoy cruising at 10-13 knots with light sails and be relaxed with your crew (aka our family). Great boat with enough room for all eight of use! From our family "Bonheur a huit sur blanc", to yours Corsair, merci beaucoup! The D'Amour Family                                       Read More »
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Bermuda to St Martin, and everything in between

This is a picture of me on my Corsair Carbon C37 on the annual southen passage I sail between Bermuda and St Martin. I love sailing this route and just thought I would share this memory with you all! I personally have sailed and owned just about every model produced by Corsair over the years and can't imagine owning any other kind of boat. This C37 was customized and set up for single handed, with halyards running back to cockpit - just amazing! Thanks again for the best memories with your sail... Read More »
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We love our new Dash!

My wife and I received our new Dash a couple weeks ago and are having a blast. Thanks for making such a great boat! Here is a picture of our 3rd adventure in Destin, FL last weekend. We finally agreed on the boat's name, "Amihan", which is the season dominated by the trade winds, which are experienced in the Philippines as a cool northeast wind. Thanks for the great boat, Corsair! Mike and Manette Kirkpatrick Read More »
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Ellison: "This regatta has changed sailing forever"

"This was the most magnificent spectacle on the water" Congratulations to ORACLE TEAM USA for giving us incredible entertainment! WOW what a race! ORACLE TEAM USA founder Larry Ellison jumped aboard his sleek and swift AC72 moments after the crew had crossed the finish line of Race 19 of the 34th America’s Cup, a winner-take-all race. “I wanted to let them know they’d just won the America’s Cup,” said Ellison. “And that’s what I told them; that’s what I said.” The victory brought to a close the... Read More »
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Check Out Strictly Sail in Long Beach - October 24-27

If you love sailing you can't afford to miss this four-day sailing event—It's Southern California's best place to see, board and buy sailboats, sailing gear and accessories. Shop, compare and save on all your favorite brands. Corsair hopes to see you there!     •    New & brokerage sailboats - both mono and multi-hulls ranging in sizes from 6 to over 76 feet.     •    Sailing gear, rigging & accessories for all boats.     •    Charter companies, travel & crew services and much more. DISCOVER... Read More »
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Being a member of the larger cruising community.

I found this wonderful article from Ellen Sanpere I'd like to share. Cruising has been defined as, “fixing your boat in exotic places,” and when something breaks, Tony or I must determine how to repair or replace it, preferring to repair it, of course. When outside help is required, we look first to our neighbors, then to local marine services, and only then to strangers from the phone book. We can accept the help of the cruisers anchored nearby because we have done something for them (or... Read More »
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Now in it’s 44th year, the United States Sailboat Show

Now in its 44th year, the United States Sailboat Show will be held October 10-14, 2013. This annual show attracts more than 50,000 boating enthusiasts from around the world to the waterfront of historic Annapolis, Maryland. Sailboats at the show include both monohull and multihull sailboats. The Chesapeake Bay town is also home of the U.S. Naval Academy. The US Boat Show is recognized worldwide as the premier sailing showcase; this is the place to buy, sell or dream! Corsair trimaran, the Cruze... Read More »
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The New Corsair DASH 750 MKII

The Dash 750 MKII is the newest member to the Corsair Marine trimaran sailboat family! The Dash 750 MKII is the benefactor of evolutionary design along with some innovative improvements now are included as standard to all our multihull sailboats, such as:
  • Sleek, modern new deck styling
  • Lightweight vacuum bagged GRP construction with carbon reinforcement high stress areas
  • Significantly brighter saloon with new clear white GRP liner
  •  Lightweight full carbon beams with aluminium folding system...
Read More »
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The New Corsair Cruze 970

The brand new Corsair trimaran CRUZE 970 holds all the features of the Corsair 31, while also focusing on the comfortability for people and families. It’s speed, performance, safety, reliability and ease of trailering are just a few of it's highlights, but it also effectively accommodates for the needs of partners, guests and children on board. The Cruze 970 is slightly longer than the C31 and it’s deck has been raised hence creating about 15% more space inside the cabin. Most importantly, as a... Read More »
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The Versatile Corsair DASH 750

This Corsair trimaran is not only built with trailerability, but it also gives owners the lightweight sportboat they want - the Corsair Dash 750 is the best of it’s kind. The transition from trailering to to sailing takes only about 30 minutes - the best in it's class for multihull sailboats. Everything about the Corsair Dash 750 trimaran is designed to get you on the water and across the water quickly, comfortably and affordably.  The main cabin allows for comfortable family cruising. The... Read More »
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