The Pulse 600 built for comfort and speed

This exciting new 20′ trimaran is full of Corsair DNA modernized to meet the latest generation of sailors. On a product more compact and affordable than ever before, you can be part of the growing Corsair Community with over 2000 boats launched and countless hours of fun, excitement, and adventure.  The Pulse 600 was introduced at 35,900 USD, and has not increased in 3 years to continue to make the Pulse very attractive! We live and breathe the details on these boats. Let me know how I can help.... Read More »
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The greatest boat race ever! Race to Alaska!

Here's a great read from Outside, Race to Alaska! In the race are 4 trimarans'—2 Corsair's, 1 custom built and 1 Farrier. The rules: Pilot a boat 750 miles from Port Townsend, Washington, to Ketchikan, Alaska—no motors allowed. The prize: $10,000 nailed to a piece of wood. The result: Seven capsizings, four lifesaving Big Macs, one dramatic coast guard rescue, and a cast of oddball adventurers who reclaimed the salty heart of ocean racing. By: Abe Streep Oct 14, 2015 On a concrete ramp near the... Read More »
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Well Built Boats Last

I'm talking about quality builds, not race finish positions. We owned a 1992 MK1 (kimosabi) for 3 years, selling her this past June. It was our third Corsair, having previously owned and raced/cruised a 1992 F-27 (fadin fast) and cruised a 1996 F-31 (kimosabi). We mainly raced our MK1. Our last regatta in 2014 was a great way to retire from Corsair racing. The photo of kimosabi screaming to weather with spray flying was taken at our first place finish in a chase race (reverse handicap) including... Read More »
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I am thinking...

I am thinking about purchasing a Sprint or Dash 750 mk ii . Could I "island hop" through the caribbean with these boats Name: Don Boat_Type: sprint 750 mk ii Subject: sailing in the caribbean Read More »
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Summer 2015

Summer is over. You can find our third video, Tres Marrant is Sailing near Montreal Canada See you next year Name: Patrice State: Quebec Country: Canada Read More »
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Great weekend with the Pulse in the UK!

  This Pulse is the first of 5 Pulses headed for the UK, all 5 will be sailed together for the first 12 months as the first UK based one design fleet.  Great weekend "Tri a Tri " spent with Corsair Marine reps , Mark and Ryan from Multihull World UK , The guys show cased the Cruze 970 and the Pulse 600 (Winner of the Italian boat of the year) and C28 . If you missed out , give these guys a call and line up a demo sail. 600 FLEETS ARE FORMING ALL OVER THE WORLD... Read More »
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Windcraft Trimaran Sailing Clinic with Randy Smyth

  Corsair Dealer Windcraft organized and hosted another successful Trimaran Sailing Clinic October 2-4 2015 at the Fort Walton Yacht Club in the Florida Panhandle. At the hands of world class multihull sailor and coach Randy Smyth and his assistant coaches twelve sailors from various parts of the USA saw their sailing skills and knowledge dramatically improve over the two days of this clinic. Participants of all skill levels from novice to experienced were introduced to Randy’s simple but highly... Read More »
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New Question — How is the mast put into place and dropped on f31 or f37?

How is the mast put into place and dropped? Name: Jim Hindes Boat_Type: f31 or even the f37 Subject: Mast Read More »
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The Black Dog Dash 2015 attracted quite a pack of boats!

  Here are a few photos from The Black Dog Dash in Martha's Vineyard on July 18th, The Drone shot shows the beach with The Black Dog Tavern on the left and part of the 16 boat fleet pulled up to the beach. The Corsair Cruze 970 shots are my boat along with new owners Will and Kerry Saltonstall, their daughter Lucy, my wife Jane and Norm Farr. It was a fun time for all participants with an awards ceremony celebrating the 25th Black Dog Dash and great party at Kate Shands and Joe Molinar's house... Read More »
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You Don't Need to Be Rich to Do the Trans-Tahoe Race!

  Get your groove on at the 15th Annual Harmonic Convergence at Lake Tahoe, Overnight at Emerald Bay Thursday July 9. 15 adds up to 6, Best odds at Craps, Take the bet. Lay 5 times odd's if that's what's offering. No one ever lost at the HC. Only happens one night a year. Same hot dice, same hot roller, could've been 5-1, 4-2, 3-3, Everyone's a winner!. Checked out the opening to Emerald Bay today, still 6 feet deep. Get that centerboard up, stay in the center of the channel. For launching...... Read More »
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Corsair Cruze 970 Trimaran: the cruiser of choice

The Corsair Cruze 970 has been an evolution to produce an affordable, safe and comfortable 32 foot cruising Trimaran combining features from the both the larger C37 and outdated C31 trimaran. On Deck One of the biggest and noticeable features is the increase in float volume approximately 20%, offering a  much safer and comfortable ride. The longer waterline and hull shape helps reduce any pitching motion and enables the Cruze to be sailed to her full potential to maximize performance. Taken... Read More »
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Sailing the Pulse 600 was just wicked fun!

  After a long anticipated wait, I was lucky enough to get out for a sail recently onboard the all new Corsair Pulse 600 trailer trimaran following its world launch at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show. Designed by Francois Perus of Perus Yacht Design, the Pulse 600 is designed as a simple, safe and exciting one design day sports boat made to easily store and trailer after sailing. Corsair has had a long history of building innovative sports trailer trimarans, with over 2,000 having been built and... Read More »
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Confessions of a Cruiser/Racer...

  2015 Corsair National Championship and Rendezvous - Confessions of a Cruiser/Racer As Reported by Deb Schaefer On Board the F-28, Big Storm Jim Frederick and I are Racers and Cruisers.  We purchased both of our Corsair Trimarans with this objective in mind.  We raced our First Corsair National Championship on our Corsair F-24 MK 1, Summer Storm way back in 1994(?) and every Corsair Nationals held in Florida after that until our last win on board our F-28, Big Storm in 2002.  We would spend... Read More »
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The 40th Annual Regatta Time in Abaco

    The 40th Annual Regatta Time In Abaco will be held between July 3 and July 10, 2015.  This events attracts hundreds of racers and has often been well attended by the trimaran fleet. The format is all about fun, with 4 races spread over 6 days, interspersed with legendary parties on the off days.  The races are “distance” races, with boats usually rounding 3 – 4 marks over courses of 8 – 12 miles.  This allows for some GREAT sailing on our boats, in flat water and nice breezes. Check out the... Read More »
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Overview of Fort McRee, Pirates Cove, Juana's Pagodas

What a perfect place to hold the 2015 Corsair Trimaran Nationals & Rendezvous! Pensacola is the westernmost city in the Florida Panhandle and the county seat of Escambia County, Florida,United States. As of the 2010 census, the city had a total population of 51,923.    Pensacola is a sea port on Pensacola Bay, which is protected by the barrier island of Santa Rosa and connects to the Gulf of Mexico. A large United States Naval Air Station, the first in the United States, is located southwest of... Read More »
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Thanks to all, for making this a great event!

Thanks again to everyone who participated in making this a great event! (An overheard online conversation...just had to share. Many comments coming to Don and Karlene, and to all their helpers!!) Hi Don,  I wanted to say thanks again, Tiffany and I had such a good time and learned so much it's blowing our minds, we can't stop talking about it. So thanks again! Mike Garam, Mentor, OH Blew Bayou, Sprint 750... Read More »
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2015 Corsair Nationals - High PHRF Class Report

Thank you Team SnowFox for reporting on the high PHRF class! This was absolutely an exciting start to the 3 days of racing ahead of us. As we headed out to the G 145 start line on a forecasted light to medium day we found ourselves bouncing in rolling white caps as we entered the start area. I saw then I had not dressed well for the morning as it was a little wetter and cooler than I thought it would be.  Start line was a mite skewed to the RC end making it almost a single point start, but we... Read More »
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"The 2015 Corsair Nationals was, simply, the best"

  (An overheard online conversation...just had to share) Hi Don— The 2015 Corsair Nationals was, simply, the best. We’ve been attending these events, and others like them, for 15 years and the organization and execution of this regatta far surpassed any we’ve experienced. The cruising venues were wonderful and the activities organized so the racers could easily participate – which meant that we were one fleet of trimaran sailors, not two. The racing was well-handled and somehow the weather... Read More »
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2015 Corsair Trimaran Nationals & Rendezvous - Race Results

Results by Boat Class (allowing for one throw-out) Corsair 24
  1. Jim Chambers, Snowfox
  2. Mike Parsons, Little Wing
Corsair F-27
  1. John Collins, Curb Service
  2. Steve Frick, Tritium
  3. David Dawson, Shearwater
Corsair 750
  1. Randy Smyth, Blew Bayou
  2. Bob Hodges, The Dark Side
  3. Larry Geller, Third Tri 2
Corsair 28
  1. Tom Reese, Flight Simulator
  2. John Novak, Overdo
  3. Jim Frederick/Deb Schaefer, Big Storm
Corsair 31/970
  1. Mike Patterson, Belafonte
  2. Bob Gleason, Tri Me
  3. Doug Casey, Tribology
Open Class
  1. Bruce Kuerten, Tercera
  2. Jim...
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New Question - Bottom Job

  What is the average cost of a bottom paint job for the F 28? Name: Lee Neal Boat_Type: F 28 Subject: bottom paint Read More »
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