Down The Bay Race May 23rd to include Multihulls!

Beg, Borrow or Steal a Multihull – This is the event to do! Multihull Sailors – Beg, borrow or steal a boat because this race is not something you will want to miss! A group of interested sailors worked with our good friends at Hampton Yacht Club and they have invited multihulls to join in the Down The Bay Race! Afterwards enjoy the perfect positioning at the mouth of the Bay and great time of year, for the cruise of a lifetime. What a great opportunity for racers to cruise and cruisers to race... Read More »
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PRO Sail Asia features the Dash 750

Compliments upon compliments. I was flattered when I came across ProSail Asia's article about the Dash 750. It is the most informative article we have found out on the web about our beloved trimaran, and covers everything from personal reviews to specifications of the boat itself. It also includes features of different articles that show you the unique qualities of the Dash 750, such as trailaerability and assembly.  It was an exciting day when we opened the big tin box and hauled... Read More »
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Corsair Trimaran Sprint C-750 Crashes the Party

Two of our very own Corsair dealers and sailing pros, Bob Gelason and Don Wigston, came together in 2009 to film this fantastic video of the Corsair Sprint 750 Trimaran (posted by SelwynMedia)! She is just a beauty out there on the water. Watch as they give you all the views of this boat that you'll need before you'll want to try one out yourself!  "It's ideal for day sailing... it's just really lively to sail!" Are you interested in Corsair sailing fleets? See more here >> Read More »
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Corsair Sprint 750 MK II featured in Sail Magazine

Sail Magazine featured the Corsair Sprint 750 MK II in an article written by Adam Cort in June 2012. I really enjoyed how Adam highlighted his first hand experience on the Sprint 750 MK II, and included bits of his personal experience as well as some boat specifications. Check out some of the article here: I boarded the new Corsair Sprint 750 MK II with some trepidation. I’m far from the world’s most experienced multihull sailor and wondered if I’d be up to the task of putting a rocket like the... Read More »
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Young sailors enjoying a F-27 in the Ionian Islands!

Onnea F-27 Corsair Marine dans les îles ioniennes été - On a F-27 Corsair Marine in the Ionian Islands! Check out this video produced by jamipoffet back in 2011. Watch the whole thing, not only is it put together well, but it also has great music throughout it!  Another thing we really like about it is that it features younger sailors. There's been a lot of talk about finding the younger generation of sailors, so it is good to see some young people out there enjoying themselves sailing!  Are you... Read More »
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"Laid Back" tour of the Corsair Sprint 750 Mk II

Watch this video posted by abkvideo! Awesome voiceover, and the video is great if you are looking for an overview of the Corsair Sprint 750 Mk II trimaran. One of out very own dealers, Steve Marsh is featured in the video and says,"This boat has 40% more buoyancy forward compared to other [trimarans], and they really take off. She's a really super fun, fast boat!" Are you interested in going for a test sail on one of our Corsair trimarans? Schedule a Demo Sail today! >> Read More »
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Corsair Dash 750 - a Weekend Warrior

I always stay up-to-date on my Cruising World articles, especially when they are about Corsair Trimarans! This article was published by Cruising World back in April 2010 about the Corsair Dash 750 by Alvah Simon. It highlights the four boats that were highlighted as Cruising World's Boat of the Year program in 2010, the Corsair Dash 750, J/95, M29, and the Sensei 9M. Read a smidget of the article below: Weekend Warriors: Corsair Dash 750, J/95, M29, and the Sensei 9M Four new boats that last... Read More »
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Get ready for the San Diego NOOD March 14-16

This year marks the 27th anniversary of the NOOD Regattas! Come join us for this first class event.  CONTACT KURT JERMAN FROM WEST COAST MULTIHULLS FOR SPECIFIC REGATTA INFORMATION CLICK HERE FOR EVENT INFORMATION Local knowledge is always a great advantage. Here is an article from Chris Snow of North Sails' . It's VERY informative. Thank you Chris for sharing! I’ve been sailing in San Diego for 23 years on all sorts of boats, from Snipes to J/24s and Etchells so I’ve spent plenty of days on... Read More »
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The Corsair F-31R: It's Not All About Speed

I was curious to see what others had to say about the F-31R. I stumbled into this awesome artilce about the Corsair Trimaran that highilighs the most important thing about it: IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT SPEED! Read some of the article below, written by John Burnham posted, published by Sailing World on June 9, 2005: Image above: A CRUISING TRIMARAN WITH REMARKABLE TURN OF SPEED BY IAN FARRIER AND CORSAIR MARINE. Thirteen years ago on San Diego harbor, my wife and I tried out the breakthrough F-27... Read More »
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The Corsair Dash 750 Boat Test

We all love the Dash 750, but have you done your research? Allan Whitting wrote this great boat review for back in 2011, but the compliments definitely still stand with this timeless trimaran. Read some of the article here:   Image above: Are two hulls better than one? How about three? ALLAN WHITING flies a tri, the Corsair Dash 750, in some fickle winds on Pittwater We'd been intending for some time to have a run in the latest Corsair Dash 750 design that was significantly... Read More »
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Corsair Sprint 750: 2007 Sportboat of the Year

I am a huge fan of the New Corsair Sprint MkII, and upon searching the web for more information about it, I stumbled upon this article about the Sprint 750 winning Sportboat of the Year back in 2007. I can't wait to see what awards await the New Corsair Sprint MkII! "THE SPRINT 750 BOASTS THE FLAT-OUT PERFORMANCE OF A RACING MULTIHULL AND A HUGE COCKPIT MADE FOR WHIZZING AROUND THE CANS AND THE AFTER-RACE BARBEQUE." Published by Sailing World, Written by Meade Gougeon on Jan 4th, 2007:  When... Read More »
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The Border Run - Where Everyone's Invited!

  Everyone, run for the border!! The 2014 Border Run starts on February 22, 2014, and is the first, point to point, international ocean race of the 2014 season. Part of the Ullman Offshore Series, the Border Run is for experts and beginners alike. With three courses to choose from, starting from Newport and sailing to Dana Point or San Diego, the Border Run offers sailors of all skill levels a great time. The Border Run has always been about inclusion, fun and competition. READ MORE >> I will... Read More »
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Corsair F-24 Trimaran Boat Review by BoatUS

As a F-24 owner myself, I found this boat review on the Corsair F-24 Trimaran very informative! It is written by Jack Hornor and published by BoatUS. Check out part of the article here: I was a helicopter pilot in the military and whenever rotary wing and fixed wing aviators got together a spirited discussion as to which was the safest to fly was bound to ensue. The helicopter, it was argued, would drop like the proverbial rock from the sky when power was lost and an airplane could glide to a... Read More »
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2014 Cherry Pie Regatta Review

  Thanks to RachHPhotography for the photos from the 2014 Cherry Pie Regatta! Click here to view full the Facebook Photo Gallery from the event! Above:  Awesome video footage from the 2014 Cherry Pie Regatta. Larry Geller gives us an overview of the 2014 Cherry Pie Regatta Sarasota Sailing Squadron: Fun times and tough competition at the Cherry Pie Multihull Regatta. The second annual Cherry Pie multihull regatta was held this past weekend (February 7 – 9) at the Sarasota Sailing Squadron in... Read More »
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Malice limps across the line to win Festival multihull division

I just came across this cool article on by Danielle McKay/Festival of Sails media she posted on January 27, 2014 featuring the Festival of Sails. She also highlights in her article a Corsiar,"Shaun Fishley’s Corsair F 31 Frassld rounded out the podium finishes on 18 points, just one point clear of Michael Du Vallon’s Pescott Whitehaven 10.7 Patronus in fourth place." Here's a little of the article: A ‘get out of jail free card’ has been credited for saving the Festival of Sails... Read More »
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Sailing the 172 San Juan Islands

I can't wait for our big adventure this summer! Sailing in the San Juan Islands for 2 weeks will be a good get away! Our Corsair F-24 will be a perfect boat to trailer up to the NW. This video is good inspiration! Great music too. Well done.   Read More »
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11 Steps to Raising Your Mast

For all of you who are new to sailing, or for the avid sailor who wants a brush up, here is an awesome list of 11 Steps on how to raise your mast on your Corsair Trimaran. You should print it out and keep it on your boat for reference! MAST RAISING PROCEDURE
  1. Untie the mast from all supports.
  2. Attach cap shrouds and forestay or roller furling headstay to the mast.
  3. Attach cap shrouds to the chainplates on the floats. Take a bungie cord and hook one end to the upper toggle of the levers (the levers...
Read More »
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Four Of The Best!

  From left to right: 24 Year Corsair dealer, Werner Stolz; Ex-Corsair 37 “Silver Chiller" owner and now owner of the brand new Cruze 970, Richard Muller; Ex-Corsair 31 owner and current owner of a Dash 750 MKII, Jurgen Zimmerman; Corsair Production Manager offering factory support for the show, Zam Bevan. Read More »
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What is match racing?

A match race consists of two identical boats racing against each other. This is a one-on-one duel of strategy and tactics and the objective is simple - to be the first to cross the finish line. A match racing course is always a windward / leeward course and each race takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. A match race begins four minutes before the starting time when each boat must enter the starting area from opposite ends of the start line. As soon as they enter the starting area they... Read More »
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New to sailing? Check out fleet racing.

Fleet racing is the most common form of competitive sailing that involves boats racing around a course. Fleet racing can be either 'one-design' or 'handicap'. One design racing, as at the Olympic Sailing Competition means that boats racing against each other are all the same - the same design, the same sail area etc. Handicap racing means different types of boat can race against each other. Each boat has a handicap or rating so that their finish times can be adjusted or their start time... Read More »
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