No matter how safe and secure you try to make things, Mother Nature can still give you a wedgie!

Alameda Marina Boat Owners, I just returned from the Alameda Marina, and as was reported earlier, the only BAMA boat that was blown off the trailer was the F-31 "Chubasco".  Somehow Chubasco was blown West, across the fairway, where she collided with a car, breaking out the rear window. Somehow, the combination of the impact with the car, and the wind, caused the boat to be blown off the trailer, and onto her port side. A crane was called, which arrived while we were there, and we watched as... Read More »
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2014 Corsair Nationals & Rendezvous Put-In-Bay, OH USA

Announcing the 2014 Corsair US Nationals & Rendezvous to be held July 31 to August 3 on Lake Erie at Put-In-Bay Yacht Club, Ohio.  *  Registration has been extended! Registration ends at 11:59pm on Sunday, July 20th!!  * REGISTER FOR NATIONALS HERE >>  The event is being hosted during the Inter-Lake Yachting Association’s Bayweek Regatta, a top-notch event in North America. Put-in-Bay is a major tourist and vacation destination located on South Bass Island in the western end of Lake Erie. Click... Read More »
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Be safe on the water with a new mobile app.

  If you're sailing a Corsair 37, a Corsair Sprint 750,  Corsair Cruze 970 or any trimaran sailboat it's important to be safe on the water. Here is a NEW iPhone app just released by the American Boat & Yacht Council, ABYC, that make the rules of boating easy to follow, and it's free! Boating safety...Built your phone. Thanks to a U.S. Coast Guard Recreational Boating Safety Nonprofit Grant, the checklist of items will help make the boat more safe and comfortable. It can be used on... Read More »
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Team Speedster Sports Some Fun in the Sun!

Race weekends are always rewarding, especially when shared with good competition and Corsair friends and family! Last weekend, Team Speedster participated in the Hospice Avow Marco Island Regatta.  Weather conditions were great and the sailing was fantastic! A special THANKS goes out to Lois Dixon, Corsair Dash 750 owner, who donated many, many hours putting this PERFECT regatta together for us Corsair Trimarans!! 8 races were culmulated in the 2 day event, with Team Speedster taking a 3rd and... Read More »
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BAZINGA!! My Whirlwind Year On My Corsair F-31CC!!

Finish Line gets the GREATEST feedback from their owners!  Just ask Dave Lussier - VERY proud owner of "BAZINGA!", Corsair Trimaran F-31CC. Follow the You Tube link- some great stuff there! So, if you're looking for a new Corsair Trimaran, or a used trimaran for sale, just call, click, or come on by- we'll show you why- you've just got to TRI!!!   Read More »
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Come Meet the Finish Line Crew!!!!

Looking for a New Corsair Trimaran? We've got'em! Looking for a used Corsair Trimaran for sale? Got them, too.... Looking for professional service on your Corsair Trimaran? We specialize in Corsair repairs and after market items! Looking for multihull sailboats information? Our team has got it! Call, click or just come on by, and check us out - let us show you why- you've just got to TRI!!!     Read More »
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It's time to prepare for next year’s sailing season.

Now that the sailing season is winding down or has wound down for most of us its time to think about boat maintenance. Help preserve your Corsair trimaran's gel coat by giving it a thorough waxing and buffing. This protects the gel coat from further deterioration (oxidization) and will pay dividends when eventually (perish the thought) its time to sell your boat. Also take the time to “winterize” your Corsair trimaran's motor--which at the very least means flushing out any residual salt water... Read More »
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La Vida Starships offers Full Service on Corsair Trimarans

In the last 20 years we have repaired or replaced just about everything that can be broken on a Corsair trimaran, however the one fact that we are constantly being reminded of is the strength and quality built into these Corsair trimarans. We can apply bottom paint, rerig or replace a mast, repair a damaged daggerboard or rudder, replace halyards or sheets, consult on choices for sails or outboard motors, or apply custom graphics. All of these services give the customer more time on the water. ... Read More »
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Team Speedster Puts The Pedal To The Metal, and Takes The Show On The Road!

So just how DO you make it "rain bullets"??  Just ask Team Speedster.  Phil Styne, Steve Marsh and Robert Onsgard, members of Team Speedster, battled the sometimes challenging conditions on San Francisco Bay at the 2013 Corsair Nationals. How did they do it? Carefully planned tactics, correctly reading the local conditions and competitors, and most importantly-  go sailing, go sailing and then go sailing...  The choreographed ballet that makes a fine tuned race team all came together to win the... Read More »
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Before Breakfast on Biscayne Bay: Sailing a Corsair 36

Mia Marina in downtown Miami is the venue for the Miami Sailboat Show in Mid February. In years past you could watch Chalk Airlines land their seaplanes nearby or  now watch the Cruise Ships bound for exotic destinations leave their docks. Mia Marina is surrounded by bars and restaurants with a vibrant Latin flare. In the evenings the area is alive with shoppers and customers. In this video, we take a Corsair 36 trimaran out of the show hours before the first show-goers arrive. No more words... Read More »
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Marco Island Avow Hospice 2013 Regatta

Come and see the sights - several Corsair Trimaran sailboats abound! Come and hear the sounds - starting guns spark that competitive rush! Experience the thrill and excitement that only multihull sailboats have to offer. Whether campaigning your own Corsair or if you're looking for a Corsair Trimaran for sale, this is the place to be! The Farrier Trimaran design multihull sailboats really "strut" their stuff, as trimaran plans are laid out on the race course.  Share the day's experience of fast,... Read More »
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The Power of Beauty and Strength

Both the Corsair 31 trimaran and the desirable Ferraris are works of art. With designs that emanate passion for racing, perfection and power. WOW! The Corsair Trimaran Cruze 970 has its root in the need to modernize the highly successful Corsair 31. Corsair built over three hundred C31s. A C31UC, even sailed around the Arctic Circle in 2010 and, in the process, became the world’s first sailing vessel to pass through the North West and North East Passages, in a single season. The C31 is a proven,... Read More »
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Race in the Cherry Pie Multihull Regatta!

February 6th-9th, 2014 the Sarasota Sailing Squadron will host  three events Friday, Saturday, and Sunday under the Cherry Pie Regatta. The Cherry Pie has long been a tradition at the Sailing Squadron bringing together their well represented One Design fleets including the Flying Scots and E Scows, as well as our handicap fleet including Spinnaker, Non Spinnaker, Cruiser, Pocket Cruiser and Multihull Sailboats fleets. So, all you Corsair Dash 750, and Corsair Sprint 750 sailors get on out and... Read More »
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The Corsair Sprint 750 MK II Built to Last

Long time Corsair sailor and Dealer in Florida, Steve Marsh from the Finish Line says that,"The Sprint 750 MKII and the Dash 750 are the two best, most fun, fast and exciting trimarans Corsair has ever built". But as with all of Corsair Marine’s trimaran sailboats, the Sprint 750 MK II also delivers on the other “Corsair Critical Criteria”: safety through structural integrity; and ease of trailerability brought about by the simplicity of the floats’ folding mechanism and the raising/lowering of... Read More »
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Corsair Cruze 970 goes fishing, looks hard, but it isn't!

A few great photos taken near Port Kennedy, Queensland, Australia, by Glenise Koch on his Corsair Cruze 970. Caught this monster at the Toress under full sail! Crew on the Corsair Cruze 970 on the Torres Strait   Read More »
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Support Ocean Clean Up

Let's follow Boyan and see where he will take us. We all need to support cleaning up our oceans. Check out Boyans impressive story. Currently Boyan is focusing his work on oceanic plastic pollution. He believes the current prevention measures will have to be supplemented by active removal of plastics in order to succeed. “It will be very hard to convince everyone in the world to handle their plastics responsibly, but what we humans are very good in, is inventing technical solutions to our... Read More »
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How the oceans can clean themselves

Take a minute and listen to Boyan, who is speaking at TEDxDelft. He has incredible insights on how we can make progress in cleaning up our oceans. So, if you're a Corsair trimaran sailor or headed to international destinations on your new Corsair Cruze 970,  Corsair 28, or a Corsair 37, be aware of these revolutionary ideas in cleaning up our oceans and help do something about it. 18-year-old Boyan Slat combines environmentalism, entrepreneurism and technology to tackle global issues... Read More »
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Corsair Cruze 970 on the road

Question: Please let me know the exact height length and width when on the trailer. Weight as well. Name: Gary Vasdev Boat_Type: Cruze Answer: Hi Gary, Thanks for your question regarding the Corsair Cruze 970!  Her height on a trailer is 11' 6", her length on trailer overall, including the mast is 40' 6".  Her width on trailer 8' 4", and her weight on trailer including trailer is approximately 5,000 lbs. fully rigged. Her actual height and weight will vary due to different trailer manufacturers,... Read More »
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New Corsair Trimaran Sailing Manual

Question: When is the long anticipated new sailing manual going to be available? Name: Dana Stoffregen Boat_Type: C28R Answer: Great Question, Dana! There have been so many improvements and additions in the Corsair model line, this new manual is highly anticipated. It will be published in mid-November 2013 covering all of our multihull sailboats, and it will have new photos of the latest models of Corsair trimarans for sale. We will send an email notice to everyone on our mailing list, so... Read More »
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Northwest Passage - on a Corsair F-31 trimaran

Here is amazing story brought to us from Sail Enjoy! Borge Ousland and Thorleif Thorleifson from Norway in a Corsair 31ft Trimaran, doing the Northeast Passage first, West to East, then the Northwest Passage. It's summer again in the cold Arctic and the expected group of sailing adventurers are off to see if they can transit the once dreaded Northwest Passage.  No-one knows in advance just what sort of ice-free summer it will be, but in 2009, the brave yachts that tried it found much... Read More »
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