The new Corsair 760 out for a sail!

Corsair 760

Corsair has built over 800 boats in this size, with the predecessor Dash 750 remarkable in its success over nearly a decade. Perus Yacht Designs have been brought back to the team after an extremely successful design program on the Pulse 600 project, and they are working in collaboration with Romain Scolari and Jonas Hertwig on engineering and interior design.

Corsair 760
Like all Corsair trimarans, our 760 is built to withstand the toughest conditions. Winds gusting upwards of 25 knots? Bring it on. For more than 25 years Corsairs have proven themselves as incredibly strong, well-built sailing yachts. The 760 has been built upon a great history of 800 Corsair 24’s and over 2,000 Corsairs sailing worldwide. Some have sailed around the world, and a Corsair 31 was recently chosen by Norwegian Arctic explorers as their sailboat of choice for their successful round trip voyage through the grueling North West passage. 

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